24 Hours in Turin


How to get there:

Monarch airlines fly from Birmingham International to Turin, for as little as £30 one way.

What to do there?

Turin offers a wide range of touristic opportunities, most Brits venture there to do a bit of skiing and other such winter sports. Turin is surrounded by the western alpine arch. But, it is not just skiing that Turin has to offer, Turin also has a wealth of history.

One of Turin’s most famous attractions is the Holy Shroud of Turin. The Holy Shroud is a piece of linen cloth, which bares the image of a man, believed by many to be Jesus at the time of the crucifixion. The Holy Shroud is located in the Royal church of St. John the Baptist. This church is also near other famous locations, such as the Palentine Hills.

Not interested in religious history? Turin is also home to the UNESCO world heritage site, this particular site being the Royal House of Savoy, which became a UNESCO site in 1997.

Not a royalist either? Well Turin is also home to some rather interesting museums. The highlight being the Egyptian Museum of Turin, which is the biggest Egyptian collection of relics and artifacts outside of Cairo.


What to eat/drink?

Like with the majority of Italy all and any cuisine is tantalizingly good; pizza, pasta and wine are all on offer in Turin. However, there are some local delicacies that are sure to get your taste-buds tingling. Furthermore, due to it’s close proximity to France, there is an obvious French influence over the cuisine. Be sure to try a Risotto, whilst you are there. And, for something sweet try the solid chocolate bread sticks ‘grissini,’ they are an absolute must.

Insider’s tip:

Metro tickets can be brought from most hostels, but each ticket will give you up to 90 minutes of use, which makes getting about quick and easy and affordable.

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