Top 5 tips for settling into a year abroad!

Ciao Ragazzi! Another travel post, in future I will try and balance the posts a bit better, but I am just in the travel writing mood of late! I am not sure if I have openly mentioned this yet, but I have just returned from the most wonderful year abroad possible. I won’t sugarcoat it, there are ups and downs believe me, but here are a few tips for those of you about to head overseas! I’m pretty sure these tips will be applicable to most countries, so enjoy!


  1. Know where you’re going! Checked yourself into a hostel? Read the reviews! Be sure, you’ll be able to cope there for up to a week, finding the perfect apartment will take some time, so the last thing you’ll want is for homesickness to creep in and a bug to scuttle past all within the space of a minute!
  2. Get a Sim card Now! I held out on getting a sim card for a very long time, but during that first week you’ll be meeting loads of other Erasmus students, who will be constantly and inevitably asking for your number! If you’re on a budget though, Facebook and Whatsapp are great alternatives if you have unlimited WiFi like I do! I also upgraded networks to three, which allows you to use a phone abroad at no extra cost (check this applicable for your chosen country though!)
  3. Get out of your room. When I first arrived, I didn’t even think to check for Erasmus groups on Facebook and it wasn’t until a friend suggested looking, that I actually did. And believe me when I say – there are tons! So, run to the nearest social and meet people and spend those first few weeks involving yourself in everything, you’ll not only make friends, but some unforgettable memories.
  4. 4 knock on people’s doors! Chose halls instead of a tedious house hunt? I love living in halls, and have found it much more social than the apartment life. However, there are down days, when I feel lonely and homesick, so I simply knock on my friends doors, invite them round for a drink, anything. Friends are there to help and will most likely be feeling the same from time to time!
  5. Don’t Skype home! This was a fatal mistake that I made. I landed relatively late at night and was extremely homesick, so I did the only natural thing – I Skyped my Family. Whilst parents are known for giving sound pieces of advice (which mine did), it only made me cry more. Instead, leave it a few days, get settled then Skype, not only will you feel better, but your family will as well.

But above all, have fun, enjoy yourself the year will soon fly by and stay safe!


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