Italy off the beaten track………Puglia


Matera – Matera has recently been declared the European capital of culture. Matera is located in the province of Matera in a small canyon. In 1993 it was named a UNESCO world heritage site for its historical centre and Sassi (this also includes the park and Rupestian churches. Both trains and buses run daily to Matera from Bari, and other surrounding cities for the cost of about 8 euro return. Some of the top sites in Matera include: Sassi di Matera, the Old town and Cripta del Peccato Originale.

Alberobello – Is another unique site in the Apulia region of Italy. It is famous for its prehistoric Trulli buildings, the Trulli were also named a UNESCO site in 1996. And is again accessible via bus and train from bari for a similar return cost. Be sure to get lost looking around the Trullie buildings and be amazed by how unique they are!

Polignano A Mare – Is located in the province of Bari Italy. It is believed to be the ancient Greek town of Neopolis. And is home to both Greek and Roman ruins, as well as a gorgeous beach and cliff top views, I’d recommend heading there on a Sunny day and relaxing in the crystal clear waters!

Ostuni – Is located in the province of Brindisi. This particular town has been inhabited since the stone age by the Messepis – a pre classic tribe. It was then destroyed by hannibal during the Punic wars, and then rebuilt by the Greeks. The castle and city walls are from the medieval period and still remain even to this day.

Otranto – Is located in the province of lecce and dates back to the Greek and Roman times. Points of interest include: the cathedral of Otranto and

Castello Aragonese. It is slightly further away from the city of Bari and costs 21 euro return on the train.


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