Top 5 Italian foods you need to try!

Ciao Ragazzi!

I realise this blog is inundated with travel posts and esepcially travel posts that revolve around Italy. Today’s post is centred around food! As a nation, the Italians are passionate about food, and I’ve cheery picked some Italian food that I feel newcomers to Italy need to try. I want you to steer clear of the typical lasagne’s and bolognese that you’re likely to head for and try some of these instead!

This top 5 is highly generic and as the weeks go on, I will try and do a top five per region/city. But, anyway here goes, a very generic top 5 Italian foods that you NEED to try:

Pizza – This may sound like a rather generic choice, but Italian pizza is very different from your standard dominoeDSCN0297s or Pizza Hut pizza. The origin (whilst may not be historically correct) is Italy, particularly the south. And, it’s Naples that is synonymous with delicious pizza. In Naples, I just had to try pizza. And, believe me whether its 5 euros, 15 or 50 euros. I can assure you the pizza will tingle your taste buds.

Brushcetta – Is an absolute must. It can come with a variety of toppings and flavours, but the most common of these is tomato and basil on a sliced of toasted almost french bread. It’s normally served as a starter/snack and if you see it on a menu, believe me try it.

Prosecco –  Not one for the Under 18’s unfortunately! It is a sparkling white wine, don’t like white wine? I say you should give it a go anyway – you never know until you try! It’s got more of a champagne vibe than anything else (it’s a fizzy wine).

Cannelloni – Is a veDSCN0239ry popular dish in southern Italy and originated from Sorrento. Cannelloni, is essentially pasta rolled into a cylindrical shape, and served with a filling and covered in a sauce topping. Again, Cannelloni comes in a variety of toppings and fillings. My personal favourite is the Spinach and Ricotta flavoured Cannelloni. Yum – yum!

Geleto – Aka Ice-cream, and one of the easiest ways of describing is by comparinf it toWelsh Ice-cream. It’s an Italian staple and in the south of Italy they even have it as breakfast in Sicily!

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