A day in Positano!

Ciao Ragazzi! I am really sorry for my absense over the past week, but it was my birthday yesterday, so I was slightly busy with all things birthday related! (Expect a Birmingham UK Lifestyle post tomorrow/a birthday update).

However, today’s post is again inspired from my adventures in Italy and it’s exactly what the title says…… a day in positano!

 A few months ago, I headed to the Amalfi Coast for my second time and whilst I was there I was lucky enough to go to positano again. During both my trips to the Amalfi Coast, I have stayed in the tourisitc seas-side town of Sorrento. The Amalfi drive has always been a dream of mine to do – but alas it’s yet to be. However, I have headed to a slightly smaller coastal town of Positano. Positano was chosen, as a friend who was originally from the region recommended Positano. And, boy it does not disappoint!

Positano is the first town on the bus from Sorrento and took roughly an hour on the bus. The bus services run throughout the day – during the peak season it can get very busy, so I’d recommend getting to the bus station early in the morning to avoid standing on the bus and to make a day of it in Positano. Arriving, in Positano, the bus drops you off at the top of a slopping hill. The view here is outstanding, picturesque beaches and scenery as far as the eye can see. There are pastel hewed houses all the way down, and once off the roadside, there are winding passageways of shops and delicatessens.

In the centre of this maze is an inviting courtyard, Palazzo Murat, which dates back to the 18th century. Situated in this courtyard is a gorgeous church, a woman stands outside with scarfs, so you can cover your shoulders before entering, if you haven’t already prepared for this that is! Travelling on past the courtyard, is the Spiagga Grande, a semi-sandy, semi-stony beach. There is like most of the beaches along the Amalfi coast a public beach, but the best parts are obviously privatised. But, if you’re after a chilled out day then by all means hire a sun-lounger and a parasol, sit back and relax – we did!


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