Birthday Weekend Update #1

Ciao Ragazzi!

Before I dive head first into this post. First, it was my 22nd birthday on Monday, which meant I had a beyond fabulous birthday weekend. And secondly, I currently live in Birmingham, UK, so expect a lot of Birmingham related lifestyle posts, as I take you on my final year of university!

I want to start this extravaganza, with a restaurant review of sorts. One of my closest friends is a vegan and she is forever taking me to these wonderfully quirky vegan/vegetarian restaurants and last Thursday was no different. We headed to the Ware house cafe, which is situated in the Digbeth area of Birmingham, so if you’re ever heading over to COW vintage then why not pop into the cafe for Lunch? I had the original burger, and it was completely vegetarian and tasted so delicious. The cafe also do some more ‘out there,’ dishes, such as the banana burger. The decor is nice and homely with wooden tables and chairs, it’s definitely a place to check out!


Another venue I want to review is the Actress and Bishop. It’s a music pub near the Brindley place area of Birmingham. It has two floors of music, we sat in these squishy leather armchairs and sofas, enjoying the music, sipping our drinks and having a dance!

So those are some of the more quirky places I visited over the weekend!


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