Food Diary 14-20th September 2015

Ciao Raggazzi!

I thought I would try and get into this weekly routine of posting my weeks food diary! I have recently decided to become a vegetarian, this was not a decision I made lightly, but I already feel better for it and I hope these posts are helpful for any other budding vegetarians, just to demonstrate how much variety veggies can have across their cuisine!

These recipes won’t be in any sort of order but here they are!

IMG_2934[1] IMG_2983[1]

Left: Brown pasta and spinach & Right: Scrambled Eggs on Toast

IMG_2970[1] IMG_2881[1]

Left: Fruit smoothie & Right: Red lentil Vegan Soup


Left: Cream of Mushroom soup & Right: Blackbean Stir-fry


Spinach Frittata!

Hopefully, next week my posts will be more thorough, as in day by day, if anyone wants a more in depth recipe to any of the meals mentioned above then let me know in the comments!

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