Life Update #2: University, Jobs, year abroad and other such things!

Ciao Ragazzi!

So, here is my second life update post and since the last one, which was nearly a month ago, a lot has happened! The first ‘big,’ thing is travel related. On the 13th of September I headed down to London for the day to visit my Italian friend. She was completing an internship in the area and I wanted to see her before she want back to Italy. It was such a nice day and I just wanted to spotlight a quirky restaurant we ate at, Poppies in Spitalfields. It is what I can only describe as a classic fish and chip shop, the wall was lined with cockney rhyming slang, a nice touch. I’ve linked the website here:

Secondly, as I mentioned previously I started back at university. This will be my final year at university and is rather daunting thought to consider, but nevertheless I am diving in the deep end, hence my sporadic posts of late.

Thirdly, I got a job! I know this doesn’t sound like such a major achievement, but to me it is. I wanted a part time job that I could manage around my university commitments, but still have time for. I have successfully obtained the role as a sales advisor in Warehouse. I am already in love with the job and I can assure that some clothes and fashion related posts will follow shortly.

And, the final update I wanted to write about, is the fact that it has officially been a year since I started out on my year abroad. So, this time last year on the 27/09/2014 I flew out on my year abroad. I remember vividly, how the first few weeks were so difficult, adapting to the new culture, homesickness and crucially making friends. I look back on this year abroad with fond memories and I am so proud to have done it. I know lots of people say that it is a life changing experience, but it truly is.

I realise this post was exceedingly choppy, but hopefully my writing style will improve as the weeks move on. Let me know if any of the above have happened to you!

Until next time!


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