Birmingham off the beaten track….

Ciao Ragazzi!

I’d be a Brummie, born and bred. I thought I’d spice things up on my blog and talk about (in my opinion) one of the greatest cities in the world. So here’s a short list of my top five favourite unknown restaurants in Birmingham!

I’ve avoided talking about all those generic chain restaurants like: pizza hut, zizzi, ask Italia, Nandos etc and have focused on the independent ones instead. By the way, these are in no particular order, just five of my favourites!

  1. Monsoon –

No not the clothing shop, but a curry house. First and foremost, Birmingham is the home of the Balti. Monsoon is a curry house based in Wythall and admittedly just outside Birmingham but the food is fantastic none the less. On Mondays and Tuesdays they offer a fab £8.95 deal for three courses, and it’s always heaving so I’d recommend booking in advance! The staff are friendly and very welcoming, not to mention the tantalizing smell and lively buzz to the place. And, it’s just undergone a brand new refurbishment.

2) Kitchen Gardens Cafe

Situated in Moseley, just off the main high street, this is a case of don’t judge a book by it’s cover. The outside looks slightly dilapidated and not very welcoming. But, get past the flower shop and you’ll see a lovely little cafe. We found this one Sunday, as we really really wanted a Sunday lunch without doing the cooking and stumbled upon this. And oh boy, was it heaven on my plate! The vegetables were all organic and in season and gave the meal a lovely seasonal touch. It’s slightly expensive for one meal at about £10 but sit back with a glass of wine and enjoy.

3) Paprika Grill

Now this one, was a Groupon find and has definitely brought me back for more. It’s in Selly Oak and is again a bit off the beaten track, but well worth the find. Do you crave a Mediterranean diet? Can’t find enough restaurants to accommodate your needs? Look no further than here. The kebab skewers, are in a range of flavours and meats, and also have Vegetarian options such as stuffed peppers. The starters are also tantalizing my favourite being the mozzarella and tomato. They also have a nice touch of Olives on the table upon arrival. (It’s the little things in my mind!)

4) The Lord Clifden – 

A pub, just had to make the list, am I right? This is what I’d call a proper pub, situated in the Jewelry quarter near the Blue Orange theatre, on a main road is a seemingly oblivious pub. The Lord Clifden doesn’t take bookings and always promises to be busy, I’d recommend the Thatchers Ice Cider, it’s beyond nice trust me.

5) The fountain – 

This is a recent find of mine and wow is it good. Again, I’m being cheeky, because it’s actually outside of Birmingham and is in actual fact located in Clent. We went here recently for my mum’s 50th and they personalised a paper menu just for her big day. Again, this was another Sunday Lunch moment and the Veg was brought out in lovely wicker baskets – a beautiful touch!

So here you have it, a few of my favourite off the beaten restaurants in Birmingham, enjoy and let me know if you end up going to one!

Ciao for now,



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