Ciao Ragazzi!

The Amalfi coast boasts spectacular views of Mt.Vesuvius from any and every angle. And, whilst you get used to seeing this huge volcano on your doorstep day in day out, nothing at all will prepare you for Capri.DSCN0403

Capri is probably the most well known island in the bay of Naples. And is a popular tourist destination for many celebrities. Boats are available from the mainland, but can get quite costly, especially from Sorrento, water taxi’s cost nearly 30 euros and will only drop you off at the Marina Piccola on the island of Capri. However, we paid slightly more at 40 euros and went with Soc.Coop Marina della Lobra. The ferry departs from the Marina Lobra at roughly 9 o’clock and allows for a 5 to 6 hour visit on the island, as well as giving you a tour of the island. Sights around the island include, The blue and green grotto, Faraglione di mezzo, Grotta di Masullo, Punta Carena and many more.

On the boat is another rep who will offer you a tour of the island for roughly 15 euros, which is well worth it, the public transport was not very good and looked small and congested. The rep ensured everyone a seat and ease of navigating the island.

The first stop, was Capri itself (the  island’s capital). Once given a tour of the main places and a meeting point is located, you are allowed to freely wonder Capri at your own pace. We decided to visit Augustus’ gardens for a small fee. The Garden had breathtaking views, of mountainsides, luxurious waters clear and blue. After a short walk we grabbed an ice cream. And slowly started making our way to the coach, as they do not wait.The next stop was Anacapri. On the tour, the first stop was the church, where the bell tower inspires stories . And, for just five euros I picked up a sterling silver charm of the bell. It was in Anacapri that we stopped for Lunch, I would recommend bringing plenty of spending money, as Capri is by no means a cheap excursion.

The final stop was the start the Marina Piccola, where we stayed for the remainder of the day for a swim on the overcrowded public  beach. During the journey back to the mainland, you’ll be offered a chance to take a tour of the Blue grotto. Entry to the Blue Grotto is roughly 13 euros, and then you’ll have to tip the boatmen roughly 5 euros each. As such, the Blue grotto can get rather busy and it is for this reason the over an hour wait to see the Grotto did not seem rather appealing.DSCN0470

Capri is an expensive excursion, particularly if you’re travelling from Sorrento. But is is so worth it, and the tour guides were very understanding of the older members in our party, which made it all the more enjoyable.

Ciao for now!



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