Blogmas has begun…..Lecce!

Ciao Raggazzi!

I realise that I am a day late starting Blogmas, but I am starting none the less. The reason I did not start yesterday was because I went to the cinema to finally see Mockingjay part II and it did not disappoint. It was action packed from the beginning to the end, but I will talk about that in a future post.

This post is all about Lecce! A few months ago a wrote a post about Italy off the back and more explicitly Puglia off the beaten track, since then I have been back and been to some new places, this time Leece.

Leece is a historic city in the south of Italy.The buildings are traditional baroque style, the city itself dates back to ancient Greek culture.

Lecce is fairly accessible for most tourists (we drove from Bari to Lecce, which took about an hour and a half). But, there are very good train links, linking Lecce to Bari and as well as Bari to Brindisi (the cities with two main airports).

We also stayed in the historical centre of Lecce for two nights and got a fab deal on the apartment we stayed in, 34 euros each for two nights, which is so important as you can’t drive around the historical centre of Lecce!

Overall, it’s quaint, it’s cute and worth a visit if you love the Baroque style like I do!

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