My love affair with Cardiff!

Ciao Ragazzi,

I have been on computers and laptops so much lately, that I want nothing more to do with them- Dissertation vibes – but, alas my blog is on here. I’m sure my eyes can manage another hour of staring at a computer screen!

This post is all about my love affair with the Welsh capital, Cardiff! I am a firm believer in exploring the UK. I’m a Birmingham girl at heart, but I love wandering the cities of Britain, because they’re all so different and diverse.A true marker of great British culture ~ individuality.

And, this is certainly true for Cardiff. I’d been to Cardiff once before, to see the Doctor who exhibition when I was about 10 years old (just over a decade ago). But, hadn’t explored the city at all. This was our time. Cardiff is home to BBC Wales, which means there’s plenty of filming action going on in this capital. At times, Martin Freeman can be seen filming at Cardiff University for the hit TV series Sherlock Holmes ~ fangirls at the ready!

Hotels and hostels in Cardiff were more expensive then I’m used to paying in other European cities. In the end we decided on a travel lodge, between the four of us it was a decent price and in an amazingly central location. After dumping our bags we began to see the sights.

It was a rainy afternoon, but this did not dampen our spirits. First, we wandered through the cafe quarter of the city, ear marking restaurants to eat in later. From there we meandered through Cardiff’s main shopping district heading towards Cardiff’s arcade. These are what can only be described as exquisite alleyways, home to some chic independent shops – definitely worth a browse.

From here we headed to one of Cardiff’s main tourist attractions, Cardiff castle. The entry fee is reasonable, especially considering all of the features inside the museum. After an exhausting afternoon walking we headed back to a restaurant we spotted earlier ~ Bill’s. An original food chain, which opened in the north of England sourcing it’s products from top suppliers. It was simply splendid and a great way to finish the day.

So, my tourist time in Cardiff was short and sweet, as I was actually there for my masters interview so did a lot of prepping and worrying too! But, fear not there will be plenty more Cardiff posts in the autumn. That ticks C off my A-Z challenge list!

Ciao for now,


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