Independent Birmingham – Damascena


Ciao Raggazi,

So every Wednesday evening, for the foreseeable future, I will attempt to upload a post boasting about independent places in Birmingham. The British high street is over run by endless branded chains, Starbucks, Costa and McDonalds to name a few are consumers go to brands. But, if you’re willing to take a step outside of your comfort zone then here are some hella nice places to try in the Birmingham area. These posts will explore both cuisine and culture in an attempt to get more people thinking about a place the next time that coffee craving hits!

First up, Damascena in Moseley. Moseley is an independent a rather funky part of Birmingham, home to the Moseley folk festival (where Mumford and Sons once played), it’s no surprise that Mosely will be appearing on these Wednesday evenings rather frequently.

Every time, we went past the Damascena whilst travelling through Mosely my mum and I proclaimed that we must go. So, on a cloudy Saturday afternoon we did. It was heaving, we managed to grab a small two seater table outside underneath the canopy and sat down to explore the menu. Damascena is influenced by Moroccan cuisine and has a number of options suitable for Vegetarians, Vegans and even those with a gluten intolerance. Whilst, we thumbed through the menu waiters all over brought out sharing platters that over customers had brought, it all looked delicious. Deciding that the sharing platters were far too big for two of us we opted for a wrap and a coffee each. My Italian cravings kicked in and I ordered a Latte Macchiato, possibly my favourite coffee beverage.

Food orders are taken at the main counter and are then brought over to you by a waiter. The counter is lined with delectable pastries that are enough to make your mouth water. After queuing for what seemed like a decade it was my turn to order. The staff are highly attentive for such a small team who never seemed to stop moving it seemed. When we were sipping on our coffees our food came. It was delicious and much bigger than expected. Wraps are garnished with olives. I was in vegetarian wrap heaven and definitely did not want to leave. I plan on returning very soon and will endeavour to try a sharing platter with a few friends. So the next time your cravings hit, be brave and try something new, this was far better than any of my expectations.

ciao for now,


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