Independent Birmingham – Java lounge


Ciao Ragazzi! Come stai?

Independent Birmingham is back for its second week running! Again, we are heading back to Mosely, but this time it’s to discuss Java Lounge. Last Sunday, my boyfriend and I decided we want to head out for an evening coffee, neither of us really fancied anything alcoholic, so we hopped on the number 50 bus and headed to Mosely. To my shock, Damascena was closed so we reconsidered and thought about heading to the Prince of Wales, which is a personal favourite of mine and where I had my 21st birthday. Walking up to it, we noticed the Java Lounge was open and it seemed ironically appropriate considering my boyfriend has just graduated his degree in computer programming.

We stepped inside to find a quaintly furnished coffee shop and immediately plumped for the red leather sofa in the window, which reminded me of the Gryffindor common room – without the fireplace. We order two speciality coffees (£3.10 each, whipped cream was an extra 30p). I ordered the mint choco, it was sweet and the mint flavour was the gift that just kept on giving. We sat back, relaxed and read the story of Java Lounge and its conception, which is mounted on a wall behind the counter. We were allowed to sit there in blissful harmony until a barista told us they were closing for the night (9pm on a Sunday night – I was impressed). Before we left, they asked if we had enjoyed our beverages, and indeed we had.

Food is also served here if you fancy a bite in a quaint, but yet coffee shop.

Ciao for now,


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