Books I want & why

UPDATE: I have cancelled my Troubled Blood pre-order. I don’t think this needs any further explanation.

Is there a better sound than the thud of a book on the doormat as it’s launched through a letterbox on the day of its release?

…I didn’t think so.

Recently, I’ve been a bit pre-order friendly when it comes to books. Normally, I’ll ask for newly-released books for my birthday from friends and family, but this is no normal year. So, instead of sticking to the status quo, I’ve gone full-blown bookworm and bought these books myself. I’ve told myself it’s fine to pre-order all the books and bankrupt myself because pre-ordering books is a great way to support authors you love and bookshops you miss. But let’s be honest, I just want them in my clammy little mitts.

Without any further adieu, here are the books I’ve ordered and more importantly, WHY.

Olive by Emma Gannon

UK Release date: 23/7/2020

I first came across Emma’s blog Girl Lost in the City several years ago and as her internet fame grew, I followed her across platforms. She’s the host of the world famous podcast Ctrl Alt Delete and a champion for flexible working. She’s already published 2 books in the non-fiction genre. The first is a memoir all about how she grew up online. The second is the Multi-Hyphen Method – a modern day take on a portfolio career.

Olive, however, is her first work of fiction and immediately caught my eye when she announced its publication a little while ago. The novel follows a young women called Olive who is at a crossroads in her life. As her friends start to get married and become mothers, Olive questions her own choices. The blurb really struck a cord with me on a personal level.

I’m 26 and I’m not entirely sure what the next ten years have in store, and it seems like Olive is at a similar. It seems like juncture. I’m not sure about you, but when I’m at a loss, I turn to books for an answer. And while this won’t tell me what to do, it will give me an insight into the lives of other women and they choices they’ve made.


More Than a Woman by Caitlin Moran

UK release date: 03/09/2020

Caitlin Moran is a true hero of mine. I met her a few months ago – read my post about all that here. Back then, her kind words gave me the nudge I needed to keep the writing momentum going (I was flapping about jobs and getting rejected A LOT).

She is a renowned journalist and novelist and is a woman – who I think – has a highly amusing answer for everything. A decade ago she published the instantly successful How to be a Woman. By the sounds of things, More Than a Woman is a sequel of sorts. It’s answering all those questions and dilemmas that women in their forties may come across.

While I’m only 26, I still want to read Moran’s wise words. I don’t think advice and books can be realistically divided into ages, everyone experiences life differently. I think books are open for all to take what they will from them, and dive back into them if they ever need their pages again. While any advice I can glean from Moran will be warmly welcomed, I simply can’t wait to laugh until my sides hurt as Moran’s anecdotes once again.

Troubled blood by Robert Galbraith

UK release date: 15/09/2020

This is the fifth instalment in this thrilling crime series. Readers will continue following private detective Comoran Strike and his assistant Robin Ellacot, as they solve yet another crime. Not much has been said about the plot of this novel and you may think me a fool for ordering something I know little about. But I have enjoyed the previous four books. I read the previous Strike novel Lethal White in a few days last August when I was holidaying with friends in Spain last year.

I love the plot twists, the character relationships, the red herrings, the writing, the confusion and the page turning which ensues. These novels not only seek to uncover the perpetrator of a crime, they also intertwine the main characters personal lives and family roots perfectly.


Just Like You by Nick Hornby

UK release date 17/09/2020

For those who are unaware, Nick Hornby is the acclaimed writer behind one of my favourite books About a Boy. I lap up anything he writes – whether it be in a book or on screen and his new novel will be no different. Just Like You is all about falling maddeningly in love with someone who is not like you in the slightest. Nick Hornby writes about love so very well. His writing style is easy, warm and just like receiving a reassuring hug.


Ghosts by Dolly Alderton

UK release date: 15/10/2020

Dolly Alderton is the author of the best-selling memoir Everything I know About Love. She’s a journalist, a prolific podcaster and now a novelist. Ghosts is Alderton’s first work of fiction. In this novel, we follow the life of Nina Dean. She’s a successful food writer with a loyal online following. But her life is in tatters. She’s struggling to date online and is ghosted by those she does interact with. Her dad is grappling with dementia, her mum dreams of a mid-life makeover, and her friendships are slipping through her fingers.

Alderton has been hailed a millennial voice and from that short synopsis it’s clear to see why. She understands, and has written widely about, the perils of online dating, so the character comes from a place of authenticity. There’s also factors outside the characters love life at play including her family and friendships – all the dynamics are there.

So those are the books that arriving onto my doorstep this summer and autumn. Let me know which books you’ve preordering and are dying to read.



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