Five reasons to visit Verona

This post is on the self-indulgent side.

For the last few months I’ve been armchair travelling with the best of them, and I’ve planned multiple adventures all across the globe.

The place that sparked these mass itineraries? Verona.

I first went to Verona several years ago on a day trip from Milan. My bus took hours to get there and by the time I arrived, it was heaving with other tourists and I could scarcely move let alone wander around to truly take in the sites. Ever since that busy and bustling day, I’ve wanted to go back and here’s why.

  1. Volunteer as a secretary of Juliet

Volunteering to be one of Juliet’s secretaries is on my travel bucket list. Like most people, I heard about Juliet’s secretaries thanks to the film Letters to Juliet.

The idea of plunging into a writing adventure in Italy is truly exhilarating. I would love nothing more than putting pen to paper and giving lovers legitimate advise on their heartache. I know I’ve probably romanticised this experience in my head. But who doesn’t romanticise travel? As long as I can incorporate travel and writing with a big bowl of pasta, then it’s all good.

2. Visit a Prosecco vineyard

When I lived in Italy, I was a poor student who spent her evenings drinking wine out of the carton (don’t hate me, hate my bank balance). I was never able to fork out and spend the day frolicking around a vineyard slightly tipsy whilst I learn more about the local grapes. Now I’m slightly older, visiting a Prosecco vineyard in Italy has gone onto my must-see list. I’ve specified Prosecco because it’s my preferred tipple, but any good vineyard will do – I’m not picky, promise!

3. Go to the opera

I’ve actually been to an Italian opera before at a theatre in Bari, but experiencing an opera in an amphitheatre is a whole different ball game and one I’m there for.

4. Wandering through Shakespeare’s inspiration

When I travel, I make it my mission to soak in all the literary sites. There’s a reason landmarks, coffee shops and street corners have inspired authors and to follow in their footsteps and feel an ounce of their inspiration always gives me the shivers. Verona is a bookworms haven and it’s largely thanks to William Shakespeare. Not only is Verona the sitting of the feud between the montages and the capulets, but the city also inspired more of Shakespeares plays including the Two Gentlemen of Verona and the Merry Wives of Windsor. As a literature buff, I’m dying to walk in Shakespeare’s Italian shoes and jot down a story or two myself.

5. A day trip to Lake Garda

Visiting the Italian lakes has been a dream of mine for yonks. A few years ago, I spent my New Years Eve at Lago Maggiore. It was a beautiful trip, but there wasn’t the time or a valid reason to drive for hours to visit Lake Garda. I know a day trip to Lake Garda is wishful thinking, it’s really a holiday in itself but if I was ever in the region, I would definitely carve up some time to see this lakeside.

I hope you enjoyed this slightly self-indulgent post. Let me know in the comments if you enjoyed this post and you want to see more from me. I’d also like to know where you want to visit next and why?

Thanks for reading,



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