My top five brunch spots in London

I love brunch. I love its humble beginnings. Its lazy Sunday mornings filled with buttery scrambled eggs on toast and smeared avocado on rye bread. It is the start of a relaxing day. At home, you’ll find me pouring over the Sunday supplements while sipping a freshly brewed cup of coffee. But when I’m outContinue reading “My top five brunch spots in London”

Life Update #2: University, Jobs, year abroad and other such things!

Ciao Ragazzi! So, here is my second life update post and since the last one, which was nearly a month ago, a lot has happened! The first ‘big,’ thing is travel related. On the 13th of September I headed down to London for the day to visit my Italian friend. She was completing an internshipContinue reading “Life Update #2: University, Jobs, year abroad and other such things!”

Birthday Weekend Update #1

Ciao Ragazzi! Before I dive head first into this post. First, it was my 22nd birthday on Monday, which meant I had a beyond fabulous birthday weekend. And secondly, I currently live in Birmingham, UK, so expect a lot of Birmingham related lifestyle posts, as I take you on my final year of university! IContinue reading “Birthday Weekend Update #1”