A few thoughts on ~ Pompeii

Ciao Ragazzi! Pompeii. Every time I hear that word, I think of a line from the BBC television series Doctor Who ‘We’re in Pompeii and it’s volcano day.’ Honestly, I hear David Tennant’s voice and everything too. But, anyway back to the place itself. Before our first trip to Amalfi  we were warned about the littleContinue reading “A few thoughts on ~ Pompeii”

A few thoughts on Mt Vesuvius

Ciao Ragazzi! I am three weeks into the academic year and I am already inundated with work, but I am trying really hard to keep up with this Blog! I have some quirky travel posts that I have planned and will be up over the coming weeks (tips, food, comparison etc), as well as someContinue reading “A few thoughts on Mt Vesuvius”